Before you take the life-changing decision of settling down in a new country, it’s worth researching the small things about your new home.

This will help you to have a clear understanding of what you need to do to make it happen, and the realities you’ll face in this new environment.

This article will serve as a detailed list of Andorra expat resources; everything from residency to restaurants, so you can prepare to live to your fullest in this beautiful country.

Residency & Immigration

The first aspect you need to know about settling down is how to get residency. In the case of Andorra, there are two main types of residency permits, active and passive residency, and we have written extensive guides about them in the past.

Tax & Finances

Andorra is commonly mistaken as a “tax haven“, but this misconception doesn’t mean it has high taxes. The tax system fair and simple to understand.

Here are the best topics about finances and taxes that could concern you as well as our guide on the cost of living so you can make an idea of Andorran budgets.

Real Estate

Learning about the prices and properties available in Andorra will aid you in the process of finding the perfect place to call home.

Whether you’re going to rent or buy, here are some resources to help you.


What about finding friends and adapting to the country?

Andorra’s society is amicable and open to newcomers. The international variety from Spain, France, UK, Portugal, USA, Russia, Australia, Argentina and so on has created a diverse and friendly environment where you’ll find people from every trade and class.

Here are the main ways to get connected with expats and Andorrans, and a guide on the daily life in the country:


Andorra’s diverse landscapes allow the practice of several sports which garners praise for its cycling and skiing events.

Whether you’re an athlete looking for options or just interested in activities practiced in the country, here are some resources that you’ll find useful:


Every multicultural society has a diverse cuisine waiting in every corner, and Andorra is no exception.

There are plenty of restaurants of every cuisine, from economic priced cafés to luxury restaurants to satisfy your gastronomic needs.


If you have children – or considering having one – you’ll be pleased to hear that Andorra’s schools are free and of excellent quality and in case you wish to review the private alternative there are also two great options in Andorra.


The healthcare system in Andorra is one the best in the world, with most medical expenses covered by social security. For more details, you can head to our guide on healthcare or the official government site.


If you’re looking for official information about Andorra the best way to find it is in the government sites, which houses every aspect of the country. Keep in mind that the sites are in Catalan.

Andorra News Sites

The sites covering the latest news of Andorra are mostly in Catalan, but they include everything you can think of regarding the country, from local events to official information.

Andorra Expat Resources

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