Settling down in a new country requires comprehensive research, especially about obtaining residency and staying for long periods of time.

There are other guides on residency in Andorra in an attempt to explain every aspect about how to stay in the country:

These guides, however, only mention temporary residency permits.

What if you want to get permanent residency in Andorra? That is, indefinite residence, without having to worry about permit renewals.

Well, I Have Some Bad News.

Permanent residency is technically impossible in Andorra.

All Andorran residence permits have an expiry date. Unlike countries part of the European Union where after residing for five uninterrupted years you can apply for permanent residency, Andorra simply doesn’t have an option for you to stay a resident indefinitely, without becoming an Andorran national.

Andorran Residence Renewal Schedules

You must always renew your residence permit according to the following schedule:

Active Residence

  • First permit: 1 year
  • Second Permit: 2 years
  • Third Permit: 2 years
  • Fourth Permit: 5 years
  • Fifth Permit and onwards: 10 years

Passive Residence

  • First permit: 2 years
  • Second Permit: 2 years
  • Third Permit: 3 years
  • Fourth Permit and onwards: 10 years

Andorran Citizenship

Since there are no permanent residency permits, the only way to live in Andorra indefinitely without having to renew it is applying for citizenship and holding an Andorran passport.

If you wish to apply for citizenship in Andorra, you must fulfill the following criteria:

Once you’ve fulfilled this criteria, follow the procedures stated in the Ministry of Interior of Andorra. Keep in mind that  if you didn’t complete any study in Andorra, you will have to undergo a written test in Catalan about the country, and will need to complete a verbal interview in Catalan.

Permanent Residency in Andorra: Not a Simple Task

As you can see, there’s no permanent residency program available in Andorra, but you can apply for citizenship if you spend a total of 20 years in the country or 10 years if you completed your studies in Andorra.

If you wish to stay in this beautiful country for the rest of your life without worrying for permit renewals, you must take into account that you’ll have to renounce your current nationality and spend a long time in the country to be eligible for citizenship. It’s a true commitment to Andorra.