Any successful relocation to a new country brings about the challenge of making new friends and getting “everyday information”.

You need to find a network of people to connect with, ideally before you arrive, but most certainly after.

While meeting people online and discussing the technicalities of day to day life used to mostly be done on forums, plenty of new alternatives have come about.

Let’s look at some options you may find helpful…

Andorra Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have boomed in popularity these last few years, and Andorra is no exception. There are:

Andorra Buy and Sell

An English speaking community for buying, selling and trading personal items in Andorra. Worth checking in here for cheap used ski gear when your kid goes into ski school!

Andorra Cricket Club

Yes, Andorra has a cricket club. If you are interested in joining and staying up to date, this is the group to join.

Andorra Entrepreneurs

A place for entrepreneurial, startup and business minded people from Andorra to connect and help each other out.

Expats in Andorra

A friendly group of Andorran Expats sharing knowledge, tips and helping one another.

Mums Andorra

A group created by and for women and mums living in Andorra.

People from Arinsal

This group is exclusively for people that live in Arinsal, have done a season in Arinsal, or simply enjoy the après-ski in Arinsal.

Expat and Living in Andorra Forums

Some forums focusing on Andorra do still exist, however they aren’t quite as active as the Facebook groups. We respect that not everyone wants to use Facebook, in which case forums can be worth a shot.

Not particularly active, and mostly people from outside of Andorra looking for jobs, or staff trying to spark conversation.


These forums are quieter than, and a lot of the content is either dated or inaccurate.


If you’re looking for more travel or activity related information, such as how to get to Andorra by bus or to ask questions on the nightlife, TripAdvisor may be able to get you the right answers.


Though not expat-specific, discussion in /r/andorra will sometimes happen in English. The rest of the time, the more newsworthy articles affecting Andorra are shared, albeit in Catalan.

WhatsApp Groups

Though it’s not possible to link to them here, there are some WhatsApp group chats that can be helpful to get to know others in Andorra.

To get “in”, simply post in one of the expat Facebook groups, or ask around once you arrive. It won’t take long to find someone who can help you.

9 O’Clock Crew

For many expats living in Andorra, skiing and snowboarding is a must. The 9 O’Clock Crew are often the first on the mountain at Ordino-Arcalís (you guessed it – at 9am).

Expat Ladies Andorra

What started as a small group chat for English speaking women living in Andorra has quickly grown. Conversation on this group is continually happening and it’s the perfect place to ask any question.

Online Forums and Groups in Andorra

Andorra has a small but tight group of expats living in the country. Of those taking part in online discussion you’re most likely to find them on Facebook or WhatsApp instead of forums.

Of course, many groups don’t have an online presence. If you are considering moving to Andorra but don’t know if “your people” are here, do reach out to me – I will point you in the right direction.

Feature Image: Luis Miguel Bugallo SánchezOrdino. Andorra 193CC BY-SA 3.0