Anyone considering moving to a new country should consider the cost of living on the other side.

While you’ll quickly discover the tax system in Andorra is favourable, you know that Monaco also has low tax rates, but few can actually afford or justify living there after they pay the high cost of living.

Although it’s impossible to list every single thing you could buy when moving to Andorra, in this article we’ll give you an overview of some different prices that will affect your daily life in Andorra.

We think you’ll find that Andorra’s cost of living is very reasonable.

Groceries & Restaurants

The best way to start this list is with everyone’s crucial need: food.

No matter where you choose to live, you’re going to eat. Knowing the prices will allow you to make a reasonable budget.

Cost of Groceries in Andorra

When you consider that Andorra is a country with very little locally grown and produced food, grocery prices are competitive in Andorra.

Obviously prices will fluctuate, but for the most part you’ll find groceries in local supermarkets to be around the prices below:

  • Rice: €1.25/kg
  • Pasta: €1.20/kg
  • Beef: €15.80/kg
  • Chicken breasts: €8.90/kg
  • Bread: €1.20/loaf
  • Local Cheese: €17.00/kg
  • Potatoes: €1.20/kg
  • Banana: €2.20/kg
  • Lettuce: €1.60/kg
  • Apples: €1.90/kg
  • Tomatos: €2.00/kg
  • Carrots: €1.50/kg
  • Milk: €0.85/litre

Price of Restaurants per Person

Average restaurants and cafes in Andorra la Vella charge from €8 to €15 per person for a large-sized meal, including two dishes and desserts. Some include drinks, while for others, you’ll have to pay extra.

At this price, you can expect decent-quality local food, with diverse cuisine and in different locations.

If you’re looking for something fancier, you can find mid-range popular restaurants with three-course menus from €25 to €50 per person of excellent quality.


Depending on where you’re going to stay, the price can vary by a fair margin in Andorra. If you’re going  to stay indefinitely you have to consider either renting or buying real estate.

Cost of Property Rentals in Andorra

Depending on the number of bedrooms, baths, location, and other benefits, the cost of renting an apartment will usually be anywhere between €500-€1,500 per month.

For example: a modern 2 bed/ 1 bath, 80m² unfurnished apartment in La Massana, including a parking lot, can be rented for around €650 per month.

Property Prices in Andorra

If you’re seeking to buy real estate, the price of a two bedroom apartment (~80m²) could be anywhere from €250,000 to €400,000.

Below are the median advertised property prices (per square meter) at time of writing:

Chalets: €2,768.12 m²
Duplex & Townhouses: €2,944.29 m²
Apartments: €3268.41 m²
Land: €726.48 m²

Like in every country, the prices of real estate widely changes depending on the location of the property. If you want more information about prices and tips on the real estate, take a look at our guide on Andorra’s property market.

Outside of renting and buying real estate, cost of living is lower in Andorra than other major developed European countries.
Outside of renting and buying real estate, cost of living is lower in Andorra than other major developed European countries thanks to lower value added taxes.

Utilities & Services

  • Electricity:  €80-90/month
  • Internet Service of 300 Mbps: €39/month
  • Community charges for cleaning, heating and maintenance: €1000/year


To explore and enjoy all the beautiful things Andorra has to offer you’ll have to move around a lot. Thankfully the Andorran transportation system is efficient and inexpensive in comparison with other countries.

  • Vehicle-related fees: around €100/year
  • Auto insurance (third party liability): €290/year
  • Full auto insurance: €370 to €2,500/year
  • Diesel: €1.06/litre
  • Gasoline: €1.21/litre
  • Monthly bus ticket pass: from €70.00
  • Taxi fare: from €1.14/km

Schooling and Education

The education level in Andorra is excellent and schools are free for citizens and residents – most schools teach up to four languages (Catalan, Spanish, French, and English) and are internationally acknowledged. So as a parent you won’t have to worry about tuition fees for your children.

However, private schooling is also a solid option if you prefer them over the public alternative. The costs of private schooling in Andorra are as follows:

  • International school: €7,450-€12,750/year
  • Summer school: €875/month (day course) or €1,975/month (boarding school)

Entertainment & Leisure Commodities

What’s life without a little pleasure? Here are the prices of every day “leisure” items and services throughout Andorra, including the cost of beer, coffee, cigarettes and others.

  • Gym membership: €40/month (including sauna, pool, and diverse classes)
  • Bike park/ski season passes for residents: €168/year
  • Local beer: €0.30-€0.75/can
  • International beer: €1-€3/bottle
  • Wine: €4-€10/bottle (obviously this varies wildly, however some great wine can be had for not very much thanks to Andorra’s low duties)
  • Coffee: €1.25 for a regular cappuccino in a café
  • Cigarettes: €3.50 (Marlboro 20 pack)
  • Cinema ticket: €7 (and yes, they run sessions in English!)

Keep in mind that the prices can increase if bought in bars and restaurants, for example, the price of beer in Andorra can be as low as €0.30 at the shops, but around €3 in a pub.

Summary and Comparison with Other Countries

The average prices of Andorra are lower by 10 to 25% than most European countries and almost 40% less expensive than destinations like Singapore and Hong Kong.

This is mostly due to the low tax tariffs on imports, and lower business and personal taxes.

Despite being a small country there’s a well-developed banking system that supports the economy and allows a diverse market.

One of the most critical aspects of an economy is the inflation rate, which according to the Department of Statistics was 2.6% in 2017 – this is a controlled inflation rate traceable throughout the decades, meaning that prices won’t differ largely in the next years.

If you are looking to settle in Andorra, most find that a monthly salary of €3,000 is sufficient to live a modest life here, past that and you’re almost exclusively looking at luxury items!