Whether you’ve spent some time living in Andorra and decided it’s time to buy a property to call home or are simply looking for a new country to invest in real estate, learning the current prices in the market will give you an advantage.

Andorra is a small country with a limited real estate market and frankly, market data is scarce.

With the ever-increasing influx of new residents and tourists, the market is on the rise, and new opportunities are showing up everywhere.

Calculating the Value of Property in Andorra

Andorran property is influenced by several factors like location, proximity to services and schools, the stunning views, the weather, and even sunlight.

If you’re looking to invest (instead of buying for living in), consider that buying a cheaper property might not be easy to sell in the future nor will it give a significant return on investment if it doesn’t tick some of these boxes above (especially with a lack of sunlight in Winter!)

If you’re seeking great investment opportunities with higher outcomes consider commercial properties.

Andorra’s Advertised Property Prices in 2018

The data presented comes from several sources and calculated to median price for your reference – remember that real estate market is continually changing based on new developments and public demand.

  • Chalets: €3,101 m²
  • Townhouses: €3,297 m²
  • Apartments: €3,429 m²
  • Land: €813 m²

A brief glance shows that Chalets may seem like the best investment, but most times the meterage includes parking spots, garages, and yards, which are obviously not as valuable as bedrooms.

We consider that prices around these ranges could be great opportunities worth inquiring about:

  • Chalets: €3,000 m² or less
  • Townhouses: €3,250 m² or less
  • Apartments: €3,350 m² or less
  • Land: €750 m² or less

Keep in mind that although you might find an economical property on real estate sites in Andorra, the actual value depends on the access to services, sunlight, the conditions of the building, and more.

Taking a look at the property in person is the best way to accurately assess if the real estate is a good deal or not.

How to Find Property in Andorra

We have our guide on this subject, detailing several resources to find property for sale and an overview of the process of acquiring real estate.

Although it’s simpler to go online and look for apartments and houses available, the best way to find a great deal is by contacting a local agent and asking people in forums and social groups who can provide insight about opportunities available.


Andorra’s property prices are increasing thanks to a strengthening local and European economy and maturing marketplace.

The increase of foreign investments in the country is causing development in many areas, with exciting projects planned throughout the principality that will make prices change in the following years.

Take advantage of the Andorran tax system, and you’ll find excellent opportunities you won’t find anywhere else in Europe, plus you’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of the country, living alongside a great community where hundreds of new opportunities await you.

Feature image: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez (Lmbuga)Ordino. Andorra 24CC BY-SA 3.0