Best VPN in Andorra: Top Options Reviewed & Compared

Whether you are looking for Andorran VPN service to give yourself an IP address from the country, or you are located in Andorra and want to use the internet via another country, this article is for you.

In it, we review the top virtual private network services that are available to you for either scenario.

Simply choose the right section for your needs from the table of contents or if you want, skip ahead to the 2 best VPN providers.

Using the Internet via Andorra

In this section we’ll outline why and how to browse the internet as if you were sitting within the 468km² of Andorra’s borders.

What is the Benefit of Using a VPN in Andorra?

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to use an Andorran VPN service.

Below we’ll address some of the most common reasons, specific to the country.

Access to Content

When you use a VPN service here in Andorra service, you will automatically be using the internet with an Andorran IP address, no matter where you are located in the world.

With this IP address, you will gain access to local Andorran websites, TV channels, and other services, even when it is geo-locked to make it unavailable in other countries.

Circumventing Censorship

Though Andorra is known to be a very safe country, it isn’t known for insane censorship laws.

By browsing the internet through VPN servers in Andorra, you are able to bypass censorship that otherwise restricts your viewing of certain websites


Built partially by the success of the banking industry, Andorra is a country known for it’s privacy.

If anonymity and privacy is important to you, it makes sense to take advantage of this “culture of privacy”. Protect your communications and online activity in this small nation by using a VPN server within the country’s borders.

Online Security

By encrypting your online activity via an Andorra VPN, you’re also protecting yourself from internet snoopers and malicious software.

For many of us, this is one of the top reasons to use a VPN service.

How to Get an IP Address in Andorra

Browsing the internet as if you were located in Andorra is as simple as getting an Andorran IP address.

That might sound complicated but it is unbelievably simple. You can make it happen within around 5 minutes by:

  1. choosing a VPN provider with servers in Andorra from our list
  2. signing up for an account
  3. installing the associated software (or setting up a connection manually)
  4. clicking “connect”

Browsing From Within Andorra, as If You Were in Another Country

Here we’ll take a look at why you might want to use a VPN service to pretend that you aren’t located in Andorra.

After that, we’ll dig into how to get an IP address from another country.

Why Use a VPN Service When I’m Located in Andorra?

Using the internet within Andorra is a glorious thing for the most part. The average speed across the country is 285Mbps – not bad!

So why might you want to use the internet as if you were located in the USA, Canada or Switzerland for example?

The possible reasons for this are endless, but below we’ll dig into some of the more common ones.

Access to Regional Content

Andorra is a country mostly made up of expats. We have Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russians, Brits, Australians, Americans, Canadians and many more calling this country home.

And sometimes as an expat, you just want to watch that favorite TV show, or listen to the old drive time radio stream. But, it’s blocked.

By using a VPN service that has servers located in your home country, you can once again get access to that content, and get “a little dose of home”.


This one’s so common that it deserves it’s own heading outside of the one above.

You know that Netflix has different shows and movies based on the country you are in, right?

By using a VPN service you can binge watch all your favorite American shows, then connect to a British server and watch their episodes too.


Many expats come with the baggage of living around the world and tend to have bank accounts strategically set up all over the place.

But sometimes when you log in too often from a “weird” country like Andorra, the big banks don’t like it.

By using a VPN service with an IP address in their country, this can save a lot of “questions asked”.


Though Andorra’s not known to be a surveillance state, with only one government owned telecommunications country, it wouldn’t be hard to monitor their citizens.

For many a VPN service is “cheap insurance” to ensure their private matters stay private.

The Best Andorran VPN Services

So with these scenarios in mind below we’ve done the hard work for you by reviewing the features of over 50 VPN providers and shortlisting them down to your 2 top options.

We’ve kept this list to 2 since they truly are the best, but they each serve a different purpose. Our comparison chart will show you how they differ so you can choose the right one for your needs.

NordVPN ExpressVPN
Best ForBrowsing websites from an Andorran IP AddressViewing geo-locked content in many countries
Number of Countries6294
Servers in Andorra?YesYes
Price Per Month$6.99$8.32
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